Your Local Destination for Beverage Catering

Your Local Destination for Beverage Catering

About Bevanda LLC based in Amarillo, TX

Bevanda LLC is a beverage and bartending company in Amarillo and surrounding areas. We are committed to meeting all your beverage needs. We do beverage catering and bartending at private events. We also have our mobile concession trailer at area events serving teas, coffees, smoothies and dessert and café type foods.

Feel free to contact us with any questions. We can customize a mobile bar or beverage station to fit your serving needs.

Thanks a’latte,
Christina and Eric

What does Bevanda mean?

In Italian, Bevanda means beverage or drink. As such, we are constantly striving to become a company that offers more than just coffee and tea. Our goal is be a premier all-beverage café in order to satisfy everyone’s beverage taste.